Wiimote Whiteboard


You can change the following settings in the preferences (accessible via the application menu).
Restore All Defaults will set default values for all settings.


  • Check for updates on startup should be self explanatory.
  • Low battery warning will show a warning message if the battery level falls below 5%.
  • Language let's you choose from the available languages that the application supports. The language will be determined by your Operating System if you choose Default. Note that you need to restart the application for language changes to take effect.

Mouse Control

  • Touchpad Mode will let you use your IR pen like you'd use your fingers on a touchpad.
  • Assist Double Clicks will help you making double clicks more easily. Not recommended if you use the application for drawing.
  • Smoothing will smooth mouse movements according to the selected method:
    • Static will simply average the last 7 position points (Simple Moving Average). This is a very simple method but works well for many users.
    • Adaptive will give more weight to new position points if the IR pen is moved quickly, and less weight if moved slowly. Thus, it even achieves good smoothing if the IR pen is moved very slowly. The technique Exponential Smoothing is used, where α depends on the (averaged) IR pen movement speed.
  • Right Click will execute a right mouse button click (press & release) if the IR pen remains at the same position for a certain amount of time (see runtime options below). A left mouse click is executed once the IR pen is turned off. This behavior can be changed to a right mouse button drag (see runtime options below).
  • Right click activation delay (seconds) lets you change the time needed to trigger a right mouse button click.


  • Send TUIO/OSC messages to <host>[:<port>] will send out TUIO messages over UDP to the specified host and optional port. Disable it if you don't know what TUIO is.

Runtime Options

The following properties can't be changed in the GUI and need to be set prior to starting the application. It takes some effort to change them on purpose, since they are intended for advanced users. Most users shouldn't need to worry about them.

Used for right-click detection and double-click assistance.
Default value: 10 (pixel)
Used for touchpad mode and double-click assistance. Specifies for instance the maximum delay for two clicks to be recognized as a double-click.
Default value: 200 (milliseconds)
Delay before pressing the left mouse button when an IR dot has been detected. This option has been added due to an issue with an application written in Processing.
Default value: 0 (milliseconds)
Option to choose a different sensitivity for the Wiimote's infrared camera. Possible values are "wii1", "wii2", "wii3", "wii4", "wii5", and "max"; according to the known sensitivity options.
Default value: max
The maximum number of Wiimotes to connect to. Possible values are currently "1" and "2".
Default value: 2
Experimental feature that allows to directly connect to (currently one or two) Wiimotes by specifying their Bluetooth addresses. Addresses are separated by colon; valid values are for instance "001E351309C2" or "001E351309C2:001F32878A84".
You can find out your Wiimote's Bluetooth address at the Log (accessible via Help → Log).
Default value: none
Option to choose an alternative right click behavior. Possible values are "normal" and "drag".
Normal behavior is explained above and should work for most users. However, the "drag" option can be used if you need right mouse button dragging, for instance in drawing applications like ArtRage.
Default value: normal
Option to automatically enable or disable mouse control after a successful calibration. Possible values are "true" and "false".
This could be useful if you only use the TUIO data in another app.
Default value: true

If you're using the Mac application, you need to edit the Info.plist inside the application bundle to change the properties (usually at /Applications/WiimoteWhiteboard.app/Contents/Info.plist). For instance open the file with a text editor and scroll down to the bottom where you should see


Add the properties you want to change as <key>name</key> - <string>value</string> pairs.

In case you're running the cross-platform JAR-file, you can set the properties like this:

java -Dname=value -jar WiimoteWhiteboard.jar

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