Wiimote Whiteboard

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Troubleshooting

1.1  Extra steps to make it work on Linux

To use the program on Linux you need to download an additional GPL'd library yourself: bluecove-gpl. I can't distribute this library with my software for legal reasons (as far as I understand).
The procedure is explained in detail in this post, the only change is that you now need to download the final release bluecove-gpl-2.1.0 instead of a 2.0.3 snapshot.

User note: Even after following the instructions linked above, I still had problems getting this to run on an Asus Eee PC running Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid). I received the following errors when running in debug mode (java -Dbluecove.debug=true -jar WiimoteWhiteboard.jar):

13:22:30.901 error Can't load library file  java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /tmp/bluecove_james_0/libbluecove.so: libbluetooth.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

com.intel.bluetooth.NativeLibLoader.loadAsSystemResource(NativeLibLoader.java:314) java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /tmp/bluecove_james_0/libbluecove.so: libbluetooth.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Aug 4, 2010 1:22:31 PM org.uweschmidt.wiimote.whiteboard.WiimoteWhiteboard startup

SEVERE: Error on startup

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Bluetooth failed to initialize. There is probably a problem with your local Bluetooth stack or API.

I found that I had to create a symbolic link as follows:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libbluetooth.so.3.5.0 /usr/lib/libbluetooth.so

1.2  Erratic mouse cursor behavior

  1. In case the Wiimote can't see your IR pen at all or only at a short distance, or you experience jagged and broken lines when moving the mouse or drawing:

    Press the "Reset" button to re-initialize the Wiimote's IR camera; it sometimes solves the above problems. If you have consistent problems it may be an issue with your IR pen (e.g. not bright enough or low battery). It has also been reported that the IR sensitivity seems to be generally worse when running on Windows.
    You may also use the IR Camera Monitor or have a look at the Calibration Details to find a better position for the Wiimote(s).
  2. If the mouse cursor follows the IR pen but has an offset, try to re-calibrate.
  3. If the mouse cursor is jumping all over the place or stuck in a corner, then it's probably an issue with stray infrared light, for instance from sunlight or light bulbs. You can also check for this by using the built-in IR Camera Monitor; it shouldn't display anything if your IR pen is turned off.

1.3  I get the error message "Not supported on winsock/bluesoleil/X"

At the moment, the software can unfortunately only work with the Widcomm Bluetooth stack on Windows. The reason is that Wiimote Whiteboard requires the L2CAP Bluetooth protocol, which is currently only offered through Widcomm on Windows, as indicated by the BlueCove supported stacks page. (BlueCove is a Java library for Bluetooth that the application depends on.)

1.4  Multiple Wiimote Whiteboards in close proximity

When running multiple Wiimote Whiteboards in close proximity, it can happen that the software is connecting to the "wrong" Wiimote. In order to prevent that, the runtime option org.uweschmidt.wiimote.whiteboard.wiimoteAddresses can be used so that the software will only connect to the specified Wiimotes. This rather cumbersome procedure will be made obsolete with release 1.0.4.

1.5  Using anything else than a standard Wii Remote (Wiimote)

The application has been tested and found to be working with the original Wii Remote (Wiimote) and the newer Wii Remote Plus. Wiimote clones, like the Nyko Wand, have not been tested, and some users reported that the software does not work with these devices.

1.6  Can I run the application on device X or operating system Y?

The program is based on Java SE (version 5 or newer) and requires BlueCove, a Java library for Bluetooth, in combination with a supported Bluetooth stack that offers L2CAP. If these conditions are not satisfied, adapting the app will probably take as much time as a complete rewrite using other technologies.

1.7  My wiimote(s) won't connect (or it takes many tries)

Problems during initiating the connection are not uncommon, but the communication with the Wiimote is usually quite stable after the initial synchronization. Try several connection attempts until successful. It is important that you do not connect the Wiimote(s) via the OS assistants, the software will handle the entire connection process. Try disconnecting previously connected Wiimotes.

1.8  The mouse cursor movements are delayed

This latency is caused by the mouse movement smoothing algorithm. A tradeoff has to be made between smooth movements on one hand, and low latency on the other hand. If you don't like the default setting, you will probably be able to change it starting with release 1.0.4.

1.9  Do I need to download anything else to make the software work?

Not if you fulfill these requirements. There are some extra steps to take on Linux.

1.10  The calibration doesn't work

To do the calibration, you must only briefly activate your IR pen while directly pointing at the currently visible crosshair. Also read this about erratic behavior.

2.  Features

2.1  How can I draw on things or highlight stuff?

These features simply do not exist in the application, since they are availabe through other applications, like Desktastic on the Mac.

2.2  Can you please add feature X?

Generally, I'll consider adding it if it suits my concept of the app. Also, since the source code is available, you're welcome to create your own version.

2.3  Can I use a webcam instead of a Wiimote?


2.4  Can I make use of multiple screens?

No, not right now. At the moment, the app only let's you choose which screen to use.

3.  Miscellaneous

3.1  Compiling the source code

If you get an error that the class JaiI18N couldn't be found then you don't have Java Advanced Imaging installed. JaiI18N is actually only required to compile the software. The easiest way to fix the problem is to install Java Advanced Imaging.

3.2  Getting TUIO/OSC (Multi-touch) to work with Flash apps

Regarding Flash multi-touch apps: I had some difficulties with the latest version of flosc, but success with the version included here. Also make sure that you add the Flash apps you want to run in the browser to the list of trustworthy locations.

3.3  Get more information about what's going on

You can check the Log for error messages (accessible via Help → Log) which can be really helpful if you run into problems. Please do always include relevant output from the Log when reporting about problems. Additionally, to get more debug information, run the cross-platform Java version from the command line like this: java -Dbluecove.debug=true -jar WiimoteWhiteboard.jar

3.4  General information/recommendations about Bluetooth

The programs relies on the Bluetooth library BlueCove. You can find a list of BlueCove-compatible Bluetooth stacks here.

I only heard of few problems on Mac OS X, using the built-in stack. I also got reports from users who got the program running on Windows using either the Widcomm or BlueSoleil stack. It seems like Widcomm works better, see this post about BlueSoleil. Check out this post if you're using Windows Vista. Linux users should use the BlueZ stack.

The program sometimes crashes at startup due to Bluetooth errors. It may also happen at startup that the Wiimote is found but no IR data is received (check "Visible IR dots"). Whenever this happens, try the "Reset" button, connect again or simply restart the program. Once the program was working, I never had any problems later on (like lost connections).

Issue on PowerPC Macs (excerpt from the WiiRemoteJ-README):

"Note for Mac OS X PowerPC (PPC) users: You will have to delete the Wii Remote from your previous devices list in System Preferences → Bluetooth → Devices after each connection (every time you connect a given Wii Remote). Even then, the outgoing connection will still fail every other time. There is some sort of bug relating to HCI devices and Apple's library. Luckily, it was fixed for the Intel Macs."

3.5  Other valuable resources

The wiimoteproject.com forums, which also have a thread about Essential Wiimote External Links.

3.6  Can you recommend an infrared (IR) pen?

Please read this.

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